Umbú is not just a juicery, but a vision brought to life by a team of five individuals: John Stawiecki, Ryan Hardy, Sunny Ralph, Charles Machado, and myself. Together, we created an extraordinary destination that offers more than just juice. This project was a freelance project in which we collaborated to bring this company to life. 
But it doesn't stop there. Our commitment to enhancing your experience extends to our thoughtfully curated merchandise available on-site. From stylish apparel to reusable straws and protein shaker bottles, we offer an array of items that align with your healthy lifestyle.
And guess what? The goodness of Umbú is just a click away. Visit our online website and app, where you can explore and shop our full line of products. For ultimate convenience, we even offer a subscription box service, ensuring that you can enjoy the same refreshing taste from the comfort of your own home with swift, at-home delivery.
Umbú is more than a juicery. It's a holistic experience that combines exceptional products, inviting spaces, and a seamless online platform. Join us on this journey of health and well-being, as we strive to bring you the best of the best.
Behind the name
Umbú is the Portuguese name for the Brazilian plum fruit. The name is derived from Brazil where the founder first grew the umbú fruit. 
The logo is composed of the type and mark. It is set in Reross logotype.

When set horizontally, the logo should have enough space around it, equivalent to the u in the logo.

When set vertically, the logo should have enough space around it, equivalent to the m in the logo.
Color Palette
This color palette was selected based on the colors of the exotic fruits served at Umbú. Green comes from the color of the umbú fruit, a pink from the bright color of dragonfruit, orange from kiwano melon, yellow from mangoes and cherimoya fruit, and the color blue is known the relax the nervous system. 

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