Role: Visual Designer - Freelance
Goal: Collaborate with the Founder to create the Brand Design for Agua. Create digital posts for social media to reflect the new brand design. 

Agua, an empowering intermittent fasting app tailored for women, entrusted me with the exciting opportunity to shape their brand's aesthetic and meticulously curate their Instagram presence. With a keen eye for design, I crafted a captivating and visually cohesive layout that effectively communicates the essence of the Agua brand. Through thoughtful consideration of color palettes, typography, and imagery, I curated an Instagram experience that resonates with their target audience, creating a seamless connection between the brand and its followers.
Mood Board
I curated a captivating mood board to inspire the vision for our Instagram. My goal was to create a gentle yet affirming atmosphere, where women feel informed and empowered. To achieve this, I incorporated bold lettering and soft gradients, introducing a pleasing contrast. Unlike other fasting apps with cartoon animations and childlike designs, I wanted to prioritize a design that specifically resonates with women. 
The typefaces I picked are Ivymode and Sofia Pro - Semi bold and Light. 
Ivymode adds a feminine touch the the design with it’s gentle curves. IvyMode is a font made for fashion magazines and luxury brands and I believe this elevates the layout of information on Instagram posts. 
Sofia Pro is easy to scan and read information. Users scroll quick and information needs to be quickly and easily digestible. 
Color Palette
These colors define the feeling and tone of the brand on Instagram. 
Green - represents health and wealth
Purple - Purple is known to be appetite suppressing color
Pink - feminine touch
Yellow - Yellow is known to increase metabolism and energy
Logo Mark
Agua did not have a logo designed so I created the design below. It is set in Montserrat Alternates typeface. I applied the color palette to the logo to show how it could be paired together. 
Instagram Infographic Posts
As the creative force behind Agua's Instagram presence, I embarked on a mission to seamlessly translate the brand's essence into visually striking posts. Inspired by a carefully crafted mood board, I set out to create a captivating aesthetic that harmoniously blends cleanliness, modernity, elegance, and femininity. Each design choice was thoughtfully considered, from the selection of sleek and minimalist layouts to the infusion of tasteful elements that exude sophistication. The result is an Instagram feed that not only resonates with Agua's target audience but also captivates and inspires, leaving a lasting impression of refined beauty and timeless allure.
Instagram Layout
This is what the layout of Agua's profile is. I wanted each row to represent one of the colors. I alternated between images and text posts to give a balance of user-generated content and informative posts. I also wanted to include photos of all types of women to normalize that women come in all shapes and sizes!
Below is what it will look like on Instagram

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