Role: Sr. Visual Designer
Goal: Collaborate with the Head of Marketing and Content Writers to strengthen the product-marketing connection with captivating materials that showcase the Limbix brand and drive growth across platforms, from websites and emails to conferences and clinical trials.
During my time as a Visual Designer at Limbix, my role was to strengthen the connection between the product and marketing teams by designing marketing materials that showcased our brand across multiple platforms. This involved maintaining our websites and landing pages, creating visually appealing emails, designing recruitment ads, crafting engaging presentation decks, and producing captivating materials for conferences. I also focused on designing impactful landing pages for our clinical trials and organizing webinars to engage our audience.
As the bridge between the product and marketing, I ensured that our brand design seamlessly translated from our app to all outward-facing materials. By creating visually stunning and informative assets, I contributed to attracting talent, recruiting patients and providers for clinical trials, nurturing leads, and promoting Limbix's mission and product offerings. Through my role as a Visual Designer, I played a crucial part in enhancing Limbix's brand presence and driving growth across various channels.


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