This was a project I worked on with my fellow designer, Ryan Hardy. Our task was to create an app for the exotic juicery, Umbú, in which we also collaborated on the branding. We wanted a more UX/UI focused project and this is what we created.  
User Personas
User personas help us show who our typical user would be. Our target audience are health-conscious individuals looking for new ways to get health benefits from plant based sources. We provide them with a unique blend of fruits that are not typically accessible to the public. 
2x2 Graph
2x2 graphs help use prioritize the functions within the app. We can determine how much effort it will take to build the features versus the impact of including it in the application. 
Competitive Audit
Before designing, we did research about our competitors and the features they include in their apps. This helps us see what we can do to level up our own features within the app. 
User Flow
We created a user flow to see an overview of the functions in the app. This allows us to lay out the flow of what a user will go through when carrying out a specific task such as personalized profiles, signing up, ordering a drink or managing their subscription. 
Lo-Fi Wireframes
Hi-Fi Wireframes
Hi-Fi Mockups

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